Each drive is different with MG Hector, whether it is your daily commute to the office or a road trip on the weekend. Yet they all have one thing in common – the feeling of being protected. With 25+ standard safety features, we make sure that you feel safe during your journey and guarantee even greater comfort while you’re on the road. Get to know all the safety features in your car.
MG Hector Electronic stability program

Electronic Stability Program

Electronic Stability Program improves the car’s stability by detecting and reducing lack of traction. ESP detects loss of steering control and automatically applies the brakes to help steer the car where the driver intends to go. 

MG Hector traction control system

Traction Control System

MG Hector is engineered to deliver the best driving experience. Our Traction Control System helps us achieve that by avoiding the wheel-slip, and keeping the car under control during slipping or skidding. 

MG Hector hill hold control

Hill Hold Control

We’ve made sure that you feel safe driving on any terrain. The Hill Hold Control system lets you enjoy the mountains as much as the highway. It prevents roll back on a slope when you release the brake and switch to accelerator pedal.



Anti-Brake System and the Electronic Brake-Distribution System take care of the engine and the braking system during sudden braking. It also keeps you from skidding even when you brake really hard.

MG Hector brake assist

Brake Assist

A travel sensor attached to the brake pedal allows the Brake Assist system to detect when the driver attempts an emergency stop and, regardless of the amount of pressure actually applied, apply maximum braking force until the car is brought to a halt. Hence, keeping you and your car safe in emergency situations.

MG Hector front disc brakes

Front Disc Brakes

Disc brakes ensure safety for your family and a longer life for your car. Compared to drum brakes, disc brakes provide greater stopping power and don't overheat as quickly under heavy use. 

MG Hector rear disc brakes

Rear Disc Brakes

MG Hector also includes rear disc brakes which are not very common in the segment. Rear disc brakes provide that extra support to front disc brakes for a better stopping mechanism.

MG Hector rear parking sensor

Rear Parking Sensor

Parallel or reverse? Parking will no longer be a hassle. With the Reverse Parking Sensors installed in the MG Hector, you will be able to conquer any spot in the parking lot with ease. 

MG Hector 3 point seatbelts

3 Point Seatbelts

To ensure safety for the whole family, MG Hector is equipped with 3 point seatbelts for all passengers. Just pull, plug and enjoy a safe drive. 

MG Hector isofix child seat anchors

ISOFIX anchors

Baby on board will now be safe and secured. We have ISOFIX anchors pre-fixed with MG Hector that helps you install any child seat in the car. 

MG Hector high tensile steel

High Tensile Steel

MG Hector is overloaded with safety features but we wanted to take it to the next level. That’s why we have used High Tensile Steel for the body of the car that adds an extra layer of protection. 

MG Hector hot stamped B pillar

Hot Stamped B Pillar

B Pillar is the key automotive component for side impact safety. Hot Stamped B Pillar ensures that the car can withstand more impact with less damage. 

MG Hector thick door panels

Thick Door Panels

MG Hector ensures that every component of this car adheres to the best safety standards. Its door panels are thicker than the standard across the segment to provide more strength and safety of your car. 

MG Hector airbag driver


Airbags save lives. And we can’t stress this enough. With 6 Airbags that includes dual front airbags, front seat side impact and side curtain airbags that work together with the seatbelts, we made sure that MG Hector is always armoured to save your life.

MG Hector airbag co driver

Co-Driver Airbag

While in most cars, the driver seat is equipped with the best safety system available, MG Hector also focusses on the other passengers sitting in the car. That is why, our co-driver seat and the back seat also get the same safety system like our driver seat. 

MG Hector rear defogger

Rear Defogger

Driving in the rains can get a little painful when the rain drops and mist get accumulated on your windscreen. A rear defogger helps to clear the mist on your rear windscreen, thereby ensuring visibility at all times. 

MG Hector speed sensor auto door lock

Speed Sensing Auto Door lock

To ensure overall safety, MG Hector is equipped with speed sensing auto door lock. All the doors will be automatically locked when the car exceeds a minimum speed and will then unlock once the car reaches your destination.

MG Hector speed warning alert

Speed warning alert

This feature coordinates the car’s position, via GPS, with a database of speed limit information to alert drivers if they’re speeding. This helps drivers maintain a recommended driving speed according to their location.

MG Hector driver seatbelt reminder

Driver Seatbelt reminder

Seatbelts are the first line of defence for you while driving. It keeps you safe and it is proven to save a lot of lives in emergency situations. A driver seatbelt reminder is just a gentle nudge to remind you that there is someone waiting for you at home and you should always think about those people while driving.

MG Hector co driver seatbelt reminder

Co-Driver Seatbelt reminder

Not just the driver, MG Hector makes sure that the co-driver is also wearing the seatbelt at all times. And a seatbelt reminder helps you remember that, always. It’s only human to want your loved ones to be safe.

MG Hector driver seatbelt pretensioner and load limitor

Driver Seatbelt Pretensioner and Load Limitor

To avoid any permanent damage, the seatbelts keep you safe in most situations. If there’s any unforeseen circumstance, before you can even react, a modern seatbelt retracts forcefully to adjust occupants into a safer seating position when the airbags deploy.How does it do that? With a seatbelt Pretensioner and Load Limitor, of course! Like a valiant but tragic hero, the seatbelt Pretensioner sacrifices its life in an accident, in order to save yours.

MG Hector co driver seatbelt pretensioner and load limitor

Co-Driver seatbelt Pretensioner and Load Limitor

And like we said before, we also made sure that the co-driver seat is equipped with the same safety features as the driver seat. Hence, the co-driver seatbelt Pretensioner and Load Limitor is also equipped to minimize belt-inflicted injury if the airbags have to be deployed in any unfortunate incident.

MG Hector roll formed steel load beams

Roll formed door beams

MG Hector uses rolled form door beams which improve strength and rigidity for doors as compared to flat stamped beams. They have larger cross-section area which makes the door stronger and safer to withstand impact.

MG Hector anti roll bars

Anti-Roll bars on front suspension

An anti-roll bar is a part of an automobile suspension that helps reduce the body roll of a car during fast cornering or over road irregularities. It connects opposite (left/right) wheels together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring.